Calculations and variable text introduction

In Flowfinity, you can use formulas to carry out simple or complex calculations and logic. Some examples include adding up labor and parts costs in a work order, calculating a total score for an inspection or audit, or combining several text fields into a single message.

Formulas are written declaratively in the application editor, and can either be calculated all the time, or once as a default value for a field. Most field types can use formulas, and there are functions available to work with and convert different types of field values: date, numeric, and text.

Formulas can be calculated while the user is online or offline without a network connection.​

Here are some key things to know:

These are some simple examples of how you can use Flowfinity formulas. For a complete guide, please refer to the "Formula Field Syntax" documentation located in the Configure tab, Documentation section.

Flowfinity - Calculations and variable text