Create robots

Automated Tasks and Escalations are carried out by software robots used to process routine data management activities in your workflow. For a Task or Escalation to execute a robot user must be assigned to the app where the automation will be triggered. Robots require a user license.

This article will explain how to assign a robot user that can be used to execute as many Tasks or Escalations as you would like within an application.

Follow this process to create a robot for use in Flowfinity. For information on how to add other types of users read the 'Add New Users' article.


  1. Click on the Configure tab.
    Note: if you are using Flowfinity Actions Enterprise Edition, switch to the 'Public' site.
  2. Under the Users section, click on the 'Add User' link on the right, or bottom of the page.
    Flowfinity - Create Robots
  3. Select 'Robot' from the 'Account type' drop-down list and provide a name and description. Click 'Apply & Next.'
    Flowfinity - Create Robots
  4. Assign the appropriate role(s) to the robot and click 'Finish.'
    Flowfinity - Create Robots

    Note: Each robot user requires a Flowfinity license. Each app that triggers an automated Task or Escalation will need a robot assigned. One robot can manage multiple Tasks and Escalation within the app.

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