Flowfinity No-Code Platform

Connect your people, processes and facilities
One flexible platform to let your data flow

Flowfinity process automation

Four pillars of process improvement

Collect. Automate. Visualize. Integrate.

Data Collection

Better accuracy. Instant access.

Ensure your data is accurate at the source with custom data collection apps and workflows that help teams do better work. Records are shared in a real-time SQL database so everyone has the information they need just when they need it.‚Äč

Flowfinity SQL Server

Process Automation

More time. Greater scale.

Automate workflows to perform data management operations faster and more accurately. Software robots reliably execute parallel activities across multiple applications and trigger notifications if human intervention is needed.

Flowfinity process automation

Data Visualization

React faster. Do more.

Turn insight into action with interactive operational dashboards that optimize how users view and interpret complex datasets. Go beyond static BI tools and launch workflows directly from charts, tables and Esri compatible GIS maps.

Flowfinity data visualzation dashboard

System Integration and IoT

Connect everything. Monitor constantly.

Connect with core systems using REST integration or popular no-code tools. Stream IoT operational data directly into digital workflows to reduce downtime and material waste with 24/7 monitoring and control.

Flowfinity IoT integration


Build and test in rapid development cycles to move quickly from concept to reality.


Update applications whithout code whenever you need to make additions or changes.


Deploy safely in the cloud or self-manage to maintain direct control over your data.

Enterprise-Grade Functionality

Build custom data collection applications with advanced functionality using an intuitive web-based point-and-click editor.

Create unlimited applications published to an unlimited number of devices and provide access to external users as needed.

Visualize your data in interactive dashboards, drill down and launch actions from charts, tables and Esri compatible maps.

Automate sophisticated processes across applications for efficiency and accuracy with software robots to reduce manual effort.

Publish instantly to the web and mobile devices, applications feature offline capability for seamless functionality in remote locations.

Connect with GIS, ERP, CRM and IoT controllers for a big picture solution using REST or popular no-code integration tools.