Engineering, Environmental, Construction

Performs environmental surveys in buildings to assess and monitor air quality

Conducts environmental site surveys

Tracks and manages technical staff certifications

Field Service, Utilities

Improves efficiency with mobile dispatching for utilities services

Manages work orders and back office processes for systems installations

Manages dispatch and job tracking for field service teams

Optimizes delivery of industrial gases across North America

Consumer Goods

Gains competitive advantage and cuts cost of food brokerage services

Streamlines and manages retail execution

Optimizes retail execution across the U.S.

Performs store surveys for real-time visibility at the shelf

Manages franchise location quality assurance

Manages retail execution in the U.S.

Optimizes retail execution for organic cold pressed juices in the U.S.

Collects information about in-store issues in the U.S. to optimize retail execution

Insurance, Finance

Streamlines building inspections for loan applications

Achieves real-time store visibility with mobile audits

Managed Service Providers

Agriculture, Farm

Replaces paper with mobile forms for farm equipment appraisals

Business, Sales, Events



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