React Faster

Empower your team with a real-time view into operations, people and facilities.
Speed up decision-making with interactive operational intelligence dashboards to react faster and leverage your resources more effectively.

Monitor 24/7 with Workflow Automation

Provide a live view of business operations with Flowfinity OI dashboards that allow you to monitor processes and activities as they happen. Ensure potential issues can be identified and addressed promptly with real-time capability to minimize downtime and operational disruptions that impact ROI.

real-time operational intelligence

Manage Tasks and Assets for Better Collaboration

Create the perfect calendar for scheduling tasks and resources for your team. Shared access across stakeholders facilitates better communication and collaboration, as teams can work together more effectively from a synchronized drag-and-drop scheduler to plan their work more effectively.

real-time information from the field
testimonial - Hamilton County

I'm very impressed with how intuitive the Calendar and Scheduling tools are in Flowfinity. The ability to add information from other apps and tailor it to our staff needs is incredibly useful in a variety of ways!"
- Superintendent, Hamilton County Engineers Office

Maximize Operational Efficiency with IoT Streams

Stream IoT data directly from sensors to increase situational awareness of your physical assets. By analyzing performance trends in a time series optimized for high-volume sensor data ingestion, you can identify performance issues and trigger automated alerts or interventions, improving reliability and productivity.

real-time information from the field

Make Informed Decisions from Anywhere

Present complex information in an easily digestible format, whether in the office or the field on a mobile device. Users love making informed decisions quickly from anywhere based on the latest data and the ability to drill-down, launch workflows, and take corrective actions with a click.

real-time information from the field