Flowfinity Mobile Apps Increase Efficiency of Data Collection for Insurance Appraisals by 60% at Marshall & Stevens

VANCOUVER, BC, May 13, 2015 - Flowfinity Wireless Inc., a proven provider of enterprise mobile apps, today released a new case study featuring valuation consulting firm Marshall & Stevens. The firm replaced scanned notes with mobile apps to increase efficiency and reduce project timelines for large scale appraisals by 60%.

Previously, Marshall & Stevens appraisers in the field would collect data on site visits and submit it back to the office through scanned copies of paper, which required a team of employees to process. Now, custom mobile apps built with Flowfinity software have eliminated that processing time, as data is already pre-formatted and submitted from the field in real time. The solution integrates directly with existing back-end systems that perform valuations.

With Flowfinity, Marshall & Stevens has achieved more accurate real-time data, more efficient training for employees in the field, and better customer service with real-time updates and results delivered to clients faster.

Visibility into field operations has increased, as managers can review appraisers' work for accuracy immediately and provide timely feedback to employees in the field. The solution has also freed up valuable management time for working with clients or valuations, rather than reviewing field data.

"Before we started using Flowfinity I would spend hours of a week on minutiae while a project was in progress because of the way that we were capturing and verifying our data," said David Koller, National Practice Leader, Marshall & Stevens. "Now I spend very little time, and I am able to turn it over to the client much sooner."

When selecting a mobile solution, offline functionality, flexible workflows and robust integration capabilities were key requirements. The solution also needed to support rapid development and instant updates to existing apps.

"We were looking for a mobile solution with offline capability that could support all of our data collection requirements and interface well with our models at the back-end," said Jim Nutter, Manager, Marshall & Stevens. "Flowfinity was the only solution that met our requirements for mobile form flexibility, workflows and integration."

To read the case study, visit: https://www.flowfinity.com/customers/marshall-stevens.aspx.

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